What Are The Best And Cheap Gaming Laptops?

Gaming Laptops have raised the bar for gaming PC as laptop now comes with excellent features and that also comes with reasonable rates.  A decent gaming laptop cost about 1000$ and it can go up to 3000$. In this, we will show you the different laptops that you can purchase right now. But before moving forward it is important to consider the various kinds of factors like Screen Size, Graphics Card, GPU and battery life. As these are considered as the selling points of a gaming laptop.

DELL G7 15

Dell G7 is one of the best cheap gaming laptops that is produced by the tech giants Dell. It looks similar to the  Alienware Area51m laptop, a subbrand of Dell’s line of gaming laptops. It is shipped with Nvidia GeForce Graphics Card GTX 1060 and has a faster processor and a ram of 16 GB.


The MSI GF63 laptop is the fastest performing laptop that is available in the market today. It comes with the fastest i7 processor and powerful Ndivia processor and that too without having to burn the pocket. It can handle most of modern games. It is relatively light and slim so you can carry it where ever you go.

DELL G3 15

Another laptop in our list is the Dell G3 and greatly does justice to the by its price tag and features. The important features that come with this laptop are a stylist interior, powerful Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050Ti, powerful speakers and a powerful battery to power this beast.



The final list in our list of the cheap and best laptop is the Lenovo Legion Y530. This laptop is known for its style and amazing performance. It is shipped with fast i7 processors, powerful GTX  1060, RAM of 32 Gb with 256 SSD storages. The laptop has thin bezels and a wide range of ports to fit all the extra cables.


The above laptops are one of the cheapest and best laptops that a gamer can buy right now. These machines can handle most of the high graphic games like PUBG, Fortnite, COD, FIFA, etc. You can visit the nearest laptop retailer store and check out for yourself.

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