Smart LED Bulbs in India

Lights make environment charming and attractive. People now want to make their home glittery with different type of lights giving different colors of light. In this article we have mentioned some best smart LED bulbs which can make your life more colorful.

  • Wipro Garnet 7W LED smart bulb –  These bulbs are well known for bringing colors to your room with options of 16 million colors. You can change the colors and brightness both throught he companion app. It is a smart bulb, so you can keep the timing of automatic on and off for the bulb. It also supports the voice support from Alexa and also Google Assistant.
  • Syska 7W LED smart bulb – Syska is a very famous brand among people for lighting solutions. It is very affordable and best. It has B22 cap for being connected to every socket of the house. You can operate it from any where even if at not home. It gets connected with Alexa and Google Assistant also. Millions of color options are available in the bulb. Just connect it with one app and nothing else you need for operating it.

Syska Smart Light 7W LED Bulb

  • Edsun 7W LED smart bulb – You need WiFi router for it. It is affordable and best. It has million of color options. Company gives 12 months of warranty in it. The bulb is energy efficient. You can operate it through echo dot also.
  • Philips Hue 9.5W LED smart bulb – Philips brand is famous for lighting products. This specific bulb covers a bigger area. You can change the lights by app only. It requires central hub to work, which needs to be purchased differently. It can give you notifications and also alarm can be set in the bulb.

Philips Hue 9.5W E27 Bulb

  • TP Link LB110 10W LED smart bulb – This is a very popular bulb from this brand. You can just control it through app. You can change the brightness and also set the on and off feature. It is affordable and compatible with echo dot, google assistant and even IFTTT. You will not get dissapointed by this bulb and brand. WiFi connection is enough for it to work.

For lighting you home with the best bulbs, do refer above mentioned brands. We hope this article will help you to choose your next bulb for lighting your home with different colors. Just buy the best brand with a warranty and go colorful.

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