We call it a smartphone, but is it actually smart? Majority of the people use smartphones to play games, browse social networks, listen to music, upload photos and make memes. A smartphone is basically a small computer. There will be a couple of cases where you would want to use your smartphone for your online activities. You can set your smartphone to do many things for example, lock and unlock your homes, locate your missing car, keep a track on your health or contact your relatives for emergency cases, etc. Here are some of the gadgets that one can use,



Keys have this special power to disappear right when you are looking for it. Hone here is basically a Bluetooth device for iPod and iPhone that assists you to find your key. Setup is pretty easy – all you have to do is tie the device to your key, then click on the ‘Find button’. The device will then light up and even emit a sound to indicate its location. This device is smart as well as elegant.


Viper smartstart

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Want to make the Mercedes owner envy you? Use the Viper SmartStart! It is a device that lets you perform all the regular tasks your remote key can basically do. For example, honk the car, lock the door, release the trunk, etc with your smartphone.



Geode has all the power to convert your loyalty cards, credit cards,  membership cards and etc into digital information. In order to use the cards, you must transfer all the card information to the Geode card (for temporarily). You can even store the barcodes from your loyalty cards.


Square register

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This gadget is a revolution that has disrupted the static  and old transaction system. Square Register basically takes the advantage of your smartphone’s mobility that permits you to accept any credit card payment anywhere and at anytime. The buyer must  sign on the smartphone in order to authorize the payment and  to avoid fraud. The information is then encrypted before any processing takes place.

Another gadget that can make your smartphone even smarter is the Lockitron. It not only allows you to unlock the door with just one swipe, but also notifies when someone is at the door. You can even customize it by setting your door to unlock whenever you’re near the door. Therefore, no more fumbling and searching your house keys if you have this gadget.

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