All You Need to Know about iPhone 11

To start with, Apple has been absolutely brilliant with their phones and since they have been in telecom industry from many years, reliability and stability is something that you can always expect from them. They will never compromise with the service and quality. Steve Jobs, Founder of Apple Inc was very much successful with his design and software. Till iPhone 6 the architecture behind the phone was Steve Jobs. That is when Apple had hell lots of sales and now that there are lot of glitches and disadvantages on iPhone, the sales have drop down to 6%. And also the competition among the telecom industry is very high and they are coming up with high quality phones at cost-effective pricing. Samsung, on the other hand are coming up with all in one solution at a lesser cost than Apple. The conversion from iOS to Android has been drastically increased and, the reason behind this is price and battery back up. Many iOS users have reported this issue and that is the reason they improvised the battery issues in their recent phones namely iPhone 10 and 11. Apparently, they released iPhone X and iPhone Xr recently. They have absolutely changed the design and it is very much easy now as you dont have button to unlock. They have come up with this face look, which actually is very quicker than the other competitors. Now that they have released iPhone 11, they have changed couple of things that you can notice. Three camera lens at the back wherein one is for ultra wide shot, and the other two is for normal usage. They have actually improvised the camera quality and other major things. They have even increased the battery back up if at all you compare with 6 and 7. Henceforth, pricing is something that everyone questions when it comes to iPhone.

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Research and Developement Team has been successful in the software part but the design seems very ordinary. But still people buy because of the Brand alone i feel but when you have to talk about features, Apple is no match to Samsung.

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